April 13, 2010

The Beauty of Soilds

This is the face Caston made today when he had his first taste of banana. Priceless!

He's been eating cereals for a month now and I thought since he's had no allergy to any cereal we would try banana today. (Yes- I know that the drs. tell you to wait on fruit and veg until 6 months, but I think mama's know their babies better.)

Mixing it with some organic oatmeal he was delighted! In fact I couldn't shovel the mixture in fast enough to suit him...looks like he's going to have his mother's patience. (That's what my husband likes to say.)

I've learned to eat every meal standing up since Mr. Caston came along. I'm either feeding him and trying to catch a bite myself - entertaining him while trying to eat - doing business on the phone or Internet while eating - and even grabbing something to eat while running out the door to my next meeting. Life has changed so much in the McConnell house.

Now, at this point in the post I would somehow try to tie in a recipe to the story...right?

So, what recipe am I going to post today? I'm not. I'm suggesting to all of you- take the night off from cooking and enjoy the beauty of spring and eat out. I might be a cook, but do you honestly think that I cook every night? My husband and I still enjoy date night twice a month (well we at least attempt it...harder now with the lil man).

Pick out a new restaurant tonight or order take out and relax! And check back tomorrow for a new recipe from me!

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Janice Smith said...

I LOVE it!!!! What a cutie, so blessed!