February 3, 2009

Met the Deen Boys in Savannah

Still in Georgia for work- but boy is this trip turning out to be something special!

Today, was a workshop day at the convention and I took part in a Culinary Tourism education training. Little did I know that meant I would be touring around Savannah all day eating local flavors from some of the best local establishments on what is called a “Foodie Tour!” So fitting for me, isn’t it.

Read more about culinary tourism on my farmers’ market blog.

On the tour we visited:

Lady and Sons: Side note- I met Paula's Deen sons (Jamie and Bobby Dean) at the restaurant
and had them sign a cookbook
Kitchens on the Square for cooking demonstrations

And yes I was back at the Lady & Sons Restaurant for a stop on the Foodie Tour. While I was shopping in the Paula Deen gift shop (next to the restaurant) I was walking to go and pay for the copy of The Deen Bros Cookbook and I saw both of Paula’s sons (Jamie and Bobby Deen). Surprised and shock was my reaction. I asked Bobby if they would sign my cookbook and if I could get a photo with them and they were kind enough to do both. I told them I liked their cookbook because it had visits they had made to Missouri at a few of the local food businesses that I’ve worked with including Swiss Meats and The Blue Owl.

So, that has been my highlight of the trip, but the rest of the day was incredible. I was able to sample food at every stop including cupcakes, low-country boil, honey tasting, shrimp and grits, chocolate, fried chicken, ice cream and much more!

I think I could make Savannah has stolen a piece of my heart! How do they say "...a way to the heart is through soul food.”


Josh, Molly, Makayla & Allison said...

Tes best part of the picture is you got all THREE Dean's in the picture. Paula is hiding behind your friend but she's there! Enjoy the trip.

Hotheadbells said...

I love love LOVE Southern cooking! (And a fan of Paula Deen myself) My mouth is watering just thinking about all the good stuff you are getting to eat! Have a great time on your trip! I'm jealous of the food!

Allie said...

Looks like fun Lane! I will have to take my mom there sometime. She would freak. :)

Sherry Brummet said...

Lane you are just too cute! Look at the big ole smile on your face. Paula is even peaking from behind you all. I'm lovin it. You always have a fun story to share...are you going to post any fun recipes from the south after your trip?