February 2, 2009

Lady & Sons Resturant Review

Whew. What a day…I awoke this morning to a beautiful sight- a sunrise over the Savannah River. Yes, I may be here in this beautiful and historic city for a work trip- BUT I’m making the best of it.

This morning the convention participants (all 400 + of them) took a riverboat breakfast cruise up the Savannah River (which btw is the 2nd busiest port in the nation). I enjoyed networking with farmers from around the nation and Canada and seeing so many familiar Missouri faces.

The breakfast- nothing to brag about. Wish it would have been, but it wasn’t. I mean I’m in the “home” of grits, pecans, pralines, sweet tea, seafood galore and the breakfast really wasn’t that great.

But, the day got much better. My co-worker and I then headed over to the Lady & Sons (Paula Deen’s restaurant) to make our in-person reservations. There was already a line forming at 9:30 am of around 30 folks. BUT- we got a reservation for dinner! You can imagine my excitement. Sarah (my co-worker) has had to listen to me for the past two days talk all about Ms. Paula and how wonderful she is. But, Sarah is such a sweetie! She stood in the line with me, we made our reservation, then did some shopping next to the restaurant in Paula Deen’s gift store. (Yes- you can imagine my delight.)

I came out of the store with a nice hefty bag of goodies that I plan on sharing with some of my friends when I return home.

The rest of the day I spent at the hotel for the convention activities and later took a trolley ride around downtown Savannah to explore the historical aspects of this charming city. Sarah and I then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Lady & Sons at 5:00 pm. The restaurant was charming, the staff was friendly and so hospitable, and the food was fantastic! Sarah had a grilled tilapia on a bed of wild rice and side of steamed asparagus (which she said was very tasty) and I choose the stuffed flounder (shrimp and crab stuffing) with a lemon-dill sauce and sides of wild rice and steamed asparagus. We also enjoyed a side of hoecakes and cheddar biscuits which is passed around by the wait staff.

Our waitress (Morgan) was a delight and a mighty fine singer. She performed a little jazz number for us and was a terrific singer. All and all I would give the entire experience a 8 out of 10.

I have photos from the day, but unfortunately I forgot to bring my USB cord to download the photos onto my laptop. So, you will have to wait to see my Savannah photos until next week.


Lesley said...

I'm glad you got to eat at Lady & Sons!

Sarah said...

Lady & Sons really was good! Hope you got to rest yesterday. Had a great time!