February 15, 2009

Photos From Savannah

My trip to Savannah was a wonderful opportunity to indulge in life's little pleasures (homemade chocolates from Wright Square Cafe, Shrimp & Grits from Mom and Nikki's Soul Food, from scratch cupcakes from Back in the Day Bakery (you may have seen Cheryl's appearance on Paula Deen's show) she also has a wonderful blog : Buttercream & Roses I would suggest everyone check out.

But, the best part of my trip to Savannah had to be meeting Jamie and Bobby Deen! It would have been ever better if Paula her self had been there- but I doubt she's in Savannah much with all the publicity tours and events I've seen her at recently. The price you pay to be well-known I guess. But, I did have the opportunity to eat dinner at the Lady & Sons Restaurant - and was very impressed with the food. Plus, I did some shopping at the Paula Deen Store - how touristy of me I know - but hey - "when in Rome..."

One of the neat aspects of eating at the Lady & Sons is the southern charm of the staff and that each night an old fashioned dinner bell is rang! (Makes me feel like I'm back on the farm again) The night we ate dinner our waitress even sang a little jazz tune for the dinner guests!

Besides the 10 extra pounds I brought back with me from Savannah (totally kidding, well sorta) I brought back a new respect for "real cookin'."

Real cookin' to me is food made with real ingredients, by real people, in real kitchens that takes real time - not 30 minutes to prepare! (Yes, you that know me understand where I'm coming from on the 30 minute meals idea.)

So, on this real cookin' post I'm going to pull something special out of the recipe archives: Dec 5, 2007 Post "Cream of Crab Soup to warm Your Heart." This is one of my favorite soups that can be made up in a hurry and is perfect to warm you up on a chilly night! Enjoy!

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Dani said...

Bout time you put up some photos from your trip. I love the photo of you and Paula - too cute lane!