February 2, 2007

Football Party Recipes

A small group of friends are gathering at my house this Sunday for a Super Bowl party. I love entertaining my friends and cooking for them, but instead of just me doing the cooking everyone is bringing along a dish.

I am making chocolate covered pretzels, a Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake, Cheesy Potato Casserole and probably a red pepper dip. I’ll also have plenty of mixed nuts and chips around for the boys to munch on.

Tyne is bringing chili and a shrimp dip, Shelly is bringing a spinach artichoke dip, Jeannie is bringing a pizza dip, chips and crackers and Kala is bringing along about 40 chicken wings and some little smokies.

There will be plenty of beer on hand. I am planning on bringing a couple of coolers and sitting them in the living room for easy access.

If you are still looking for some great Super Bowl party ideas or recipes, the Food Network has them. Go Bears!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am going to miss the fun! You guys have a great party!

Jean said...

can I come? :)
sounds like a great party with lots of good food! Have a great time!