June 4, 2010

Special Day

This photo was a recent family photo we had taken and it just brings a smile to my face. I think about how much our lives have changed and how blessed we are to have our little boy.

Tomorrow is a special day. Our wedding anniversary - 6 years! Where does the time go?

We usually go out to a nice romantic dinner for our anniversary, but I decided to make it more personal this year. I wanted to cook our anniversary dinner.

So, I went to the farmers' market last week and bought a leg of lamb from my friend Nancy Rasmussen of Sunny Lane Farms. Told Nancy that it was going to be for our anniversary dinner and she smiled and was happy I shopped with her for the special occasion! (I love shopping with our local farmers...)

I've never cooked leg of lamb before and I'll admit - I'm a little intimidated!

But, I called a very good friend of mine who is a chef and he gave me the 411 on cooking the perfect leg of lamb.

Check back tomorrow for the recipe!
(PHOTO: From TiffanyKelly.com)

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