June 25, 2010

Blueberry Lemon Pie

Our family visited Persimmon Hill Berry Farm on Wednesday night in Lampe (which is just about 18 minutes from our house) and had an incredible time! The farm is a berry farm and agritourism destination for many each year…as the farm is famous for their Blueberry Thunder Muffins!

We picked up some muffins and blueberries while on our visit. And sampled the farm's newest treat- Blueberry Bread Pudding. We plan on going back next week for some blackberries!

With 3 pounds of blueberries I decided to try out a new pie recipe. I haven’t yet sliced the pie, but how can you go wrong with this list of ingredients? Enjoy!

Blueberry Lemon Pie
by Lane

Single Pie Crust (My grandmother Garrison’s recipe)
1 1/3 c flour
½ tsp salt
½ c Crisco shortening
3 T ice cold water
½ tsp vinegar

In a food processor pulse flour and salt. Add shortening and pulse into combined (it will resemble cornmeal). Add water and vinegar and pulse until combined- the mixture will form a ball. Roll out first dough and then repeat for second dough.

¾ c sugar
2 T cornstarch
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp allspice
¼ tsp nutmeg
½ c water
3 c fresh blueberries
1 T lemon juice
Zest of 1 large lemon

Combine sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice and water in a saucepan and bring to a rapid boil. Cook until thickened (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat and let mixture cool. After the mixture has cooled add blueberries, lemon juice and zest.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Pour filling into pie and top with second crust. Brush top of pie dough with mixture of (1 egg and 2 T milk).

Bake for 18 minutes at 425 degrees, then reduce heat to 325 degrees for another 20 minutes. Let pie cool before slicing.

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Janice Smith said...

I made this pie for the 4th of July and it was a huge hit! The crust was so flaky and yummy. The filling is amazing!!! So glad I found your blog- keep it up!