May 17, 2010

Making Baby Food...So Easy

When I told folks I was going to make my own homemade baby food..they laughed. "Yeah, we will see how much time you have for that after the baby comes..." Mind over matter people!

Well, come on over to my house and see the bags of baby food I've made over the past couple weeks - in a very short amount of time I might add. Only the best for Caston!

I choose fresh vegetables mostly (how lucky that it's starting summer and I'll be able to shop at the farmers' markets for most all vegetables and fruits), but the fruits and vegs that are high in pesticides typically, I'm buying either locally or frozen.

I look at it this way...why wouldn't I want my baby to have the freshest most nutritious food? Plus, have you smelled some of that jarred baby food- YUCK! I wouldn't eat it.

I made sweet pea puree the other day and looked at how brightly colored the peas were. The jarred stuff looks like a brown-green color and I've never known a baby to like peas. Well, mine does! It's his favorite thus far.

I'm also making sure Caston has an adventurous palate by incorporating things like avocado, salmon, pumpkin, butternut squash and even kale. I think kids are picky eaters bc they aren't shown how fun food is!

And, you save money! Trust me on this or read this.

If you are interested in making your own baby food check out these resources:
Baby Center
Wholesome Baby Food
Cookbook: So Fresh

Once a week I take about an hour and make a couple batches of baby food and freeze the food in ice cube trays and some freezer cups. Then, just pull out the different foods at each meal. Simple as that.

The older Caston gets the more he will just eat what we eat. I whole-heartily believe this is the best food for your preservatives and additives- just fresh and healthy food!

Give it a shot!

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