February 23, 2010

Caston 3 Months...How the Time Flies

Caston turned 3 months last week...it's that amazing? Charlie and I sat at dinner and were just talking about how a blur our lives have been the past three months: New jobs (for both of us), moved south, sold a house, bought a new house, painted the new house, oh...and had a baby! Throw that all together and what do you get? One crazy time...we wouldn't recommend it.

BUT- we are so lucky to have everything fall into place at the right times. We feel very blessed to be closer to family and have our beautiful baby boy in our lives. He has really enriched our lives and made us better people! Amazing how little ones do that , isn't it?

Today we had a photographer come and do a photo shoot of the family and Caston! I discovered Tiffany Kelley through searching online. I knew she was the perfect photographer for us after I was she not only was a "social media junkie" (like me), but that her photos were modern- and at the same time classic.

Caston was a little angel all throughout the photo shoot and Tiffany posted a "Sneak Peek" of the pictures on her blog, check it out!


Shanda said...

Lane-thanks for continuing your blog and posting pictures of Caston - since we now have to watch him grow up from afar. I was being to wonder however what site you had sent us to, as when I clicked I got boudoir pictures.... Don't believe I will be booking my session anytime soon.

Take Care!
Shanda Nichols

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tiffany is a great photographer and just started taking those photos.

We hope all is well in JC- we miss folks, but are so thankful to be back home in the Ozarks!

Give everyone a "shout out" for us!