December 18, 2008

Christmas Dinner Menu

Holidays in MissouriMany folks stress about the holidays and for good reason. Our country is in economic distress, food prices are sky high and Christmas is just next week…which means all those presents, decorations, wrapping paper that you paid for by credit will be coming to haunt you in January!

I have to make frequent trips to the grocery store during the holidays because all of the baking I do. I was there this week and could not believe just the few items I had totaled $69.54 – and I only had two bags! WOW – I was speechless.

Of course, looking back on the receipt I ask myself – “Did I really need those Goat Cheese Stuffed Olives, or the extensive selection of Spanish cheeses. Or how about those oh so tasty, but so darn expensive gourmet potato chips.” I did however skimp on some things: sour cream, cream cheese and marshmallows. But, it just goes to say that sometimes we splurge a little too much, when we could be more thrifty.

Saying that though, there are just some things I will never cut corners on – and that’s my Christmas dinner!

We are hosting the McConnell family for the holidays next week and I’m so very excited! Last year I hosted Christmas for my family and it was so much fun and less stressful. You see we live 3 hours from both sides of our family and our families live about 2 ½ hours apart. So, this makes for very long holidays and gets very tiring going to and from. This year though will be a piece of cake since we only have to drive south for one Christmas.

I finally have the Christmas dinner menu planned out (and as you can tell – I’m not cutting any corners on this menu). In my opinion when it comes to food, especially Christmas dinner – you can only buy the best in ingredients for the ones you care the most about!

Merry Christmas from my kitchen to yours!

McConnell Christmas Dinner Menu
Olives (Black, Spanish and Stuffed with Goat Cheese)
Spanish Cheeses, Burgers Smokehouse Sausage (local Missouri company) and Crackers
Spudmaster Potato Chips and a Dip
Rosemary Pinwheels

Three Meat Dish (Chicken, Ham and Beef Roast)
Holiday Sweet Potato Casserole
Country Green Beans
Pecan Grape Salad
Croissant Rolls
Corn Casserole

Southern Red Velvet Cake
Texas Pecan Pie
Very Cherry Pie
Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes
Smooth as Silk Chocolate Pie

Be looking for these recipes to come…


Anonymous said...

Wow - you have an ambitious menu. It looks like your family will be treated to a fabulous meal. I'll be cooking for only 3 this year but I'll be interested in seeing some more of your great recipes.

I posted your tag and threw it open to anyone who visited my blog since most of my followers have already received the tag. Thanks for thinking of me!

Hotheadbells said...

Lane, how in the world do you have time for all of this stuff? Maybe i need to take a class in time management from you!

Lane said...

Yes, it's a long list of things to make, prepare and cook - BUT I just take one thing at a time, turn up the holiday music and go to town.

Truthfully, I know how to cook everything quickly bc I've made so much of it before.

Plus, many of these items I can make ahead of time. For instance: I bake cakes two days before they will be eaten, so they will have time to get nice and moist. Same thing with pies, I make them the day before. The pie dough I use though I can make up to three days before I will use it.

So, it's all about pre-preparation.

Season's Greetings!