July 9, 2007

Top Chefs Requesting Fattier Pork

My friend John passed this on to me the other day and I had to laugh when I read this story from the Des Moines Register: Top Chefs Requesting Fattier Pork.

First because any good coo knows the fattier...the tastier! I myself love to make homemade bbq with a Boston butt or shoulder because of the great taste.

From the article:

We're not talking just any pork here. This was a slab of expertly cured pork fat, cut from the leg of a hog.

The idea that a restaurant would panic over a blubbery cut of pork might strike Iowans as strange.

But, after falling from grace during the health-obsessed 1980s, pork fat is returning to the table in cutting-edge kitchens. This is especially evident on the East and West coasts, where some chefs actually know the names of Iowa farmers who specifically breed their hogs to have more fat content than common, other-white-meat hogs.

They are feeding the demand of customers who are in open rebellion against leaner pork that can often be dry and tasteless.

In New York City, destination eateries are making a name for themselves by moving away from lean pork and using juicier, brand-name pork.

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