July 24, 2007

Recipes from the Farmers' Markets

Who doesn't like shopping at the farmers' markets for fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, meat or whatever you might have listed on a shopping list.

I make my grocery list on the weekends for the next week's meals. Before going to the local grocery store, I ALWAYS hit the local farmers' markets in my area for the produce or fruit I don't grow in my own garden.

Buying from the markets is not only a great shopping experience because of the discussions with the local growers, but its produce that wasn't trucked in 1,500 miles to a grocery store from the coast...so the produce is much, MUCH fresher.
Besides the fresh, local produce at the markets are the recipe cards many vendors provide at their stands for the produce they sell.

I came across the St. Paul Farmers' Market site a couple weeks ago that lists a wide range of recipes from the vendors at the market. You can also find great recipes on the Seattle Neighborhood Farmers' Market website.


Sarah said...

Love the new format! I also enjoy keeping up on the farmers market blog. I'm going to try to stop by the JC market soon.

Trish said...

Love the look of your new website. Like you, husband and I try to get to our closest local farmers market early on Saturday morning. Thanks for the links for the recipes...I've saved quite a few of yours already!

Trish in Omaha

Lane said...

I am so glad you like the new format. I'm working on designing a new header to use as well.

You'll probably see some more chnages coming so stay tuned!!!