June 27, 2006

Sharing recipes again

I have posted about sharing recipes before. I love sharing recipes with my friends and family, that's how we all learn new things around the kitchen.

I am putting together a cookbook for the company I work for, Learfield Communications. We have a group called the LCI Fun Pack, which organizes company events such as pie contests, pot lucks, picnics and all other types of fun company gatherings. I am putting together a company cookbook to be given to our employees this Christmas, so I have been receiving a lot of recipes from my fellow employees.

A fellow blogger friend of mine and co-worker passed along a few quick and easy recipes that I thought everyone would enjoy. We all need those meals that can be whipped up in a flash now and again... Hope these help you bring a healthy and delicious meal to your family's table.

Thanks Rick! I appreciate the great recipes...keep them coming.

Aunt Kathy's Summer Salad
1 bag iceberg salad mix
1 8 oz. bag shredded cheese your choice! (I use Colby/Jack)
1 large or medium tomato
1 16 oz. can of dark red kidney beans
1 bottle Kraft Catalina dressing
1 bag Fritos (I use off-brand corn chips)

Empty salad mix into large bowl.
Crunch up corn chips and pour over lettuce.
Empty cheese into bowl.
Dice the tomato, then put in bowl.
Drain beans, then put in bowl.
Pour entire bottle of dressing into bowl and mix well.

It gets soggy within a few hours, but it's gooooooood stuff! Here's another one we used to get excited about as kids when mom made it for dinner.

Fritos, Cheese and Tomato Soup
1 family sized can of Campbell's Tomato Soup (off brands are no good for this)
1 8 or 16 oz. bag (or block) shredded cheese. I recommend Jack cheese.
1 bag (or more) of Fritos. (I use off brand corn chips)

Heat tomato soup using milk; not water.
In individual bowls, put a handful of chips.
Sprinkle desired amount of cheese over chips. (I like mine with lots of cheese)
Pour warm soup over chips and cheese.


Hawa said...

I just love what your doing i want all crazy about you recipes so bettter then mine

Anonymous said...

Will this is easy. I need to tried this recipe on PAPA when I feel to spend my time in idleness. Keep-up the good work. I love the way you write the articles.

Good Ole Cook said...

Hawa- Glad you enoyed reading the blog. Hope to see you back again.

These recipes are very simple, but simple is great for us cooks every once in awhile.