June 23, 2006

How to put your squash to good use

Every year you hear someone say it..."I'm in the squash." Well, that's me again this year. I thought I learned my lesson from last year's garden, but apparently by the looks of my fridge at home I didn't. I'm already giving my friends and co-workers squash.

But, they aren't complaining...yet! If I had a large family I would have just enough, but just with my husband, there is way too much of the stuff around. So, I'm finding every way possible to use squash and zucchini in new ways....

My Squash casserole is still one of my favorites.

Roasted Squash and Zucchini
6 squash/zucchini, sliced longish
4-5 cloves of minced garlic (don't use powder)
1/2 TCP salt
1/4 c. olive oil
2 TCP. of Italian seasonings (I like to use fresh myself)

In a small bowl pour oil and minced garlic and press garlic into oil. Add your other seasonings.

Place veggies in a casserole dish and brush your oil mixture all over the veggies. Coat very well.

Place under a preheated oven at 400 degrees for about 9 minutes or until the veggies are lightly brown.

Squash Soup
Another way to cook squash is to puree it in a food processor and make some really good soup.

I also lightly puree and freeze it, so I'll have it all year for cakes and breads. This is also one of my favorites.

Deep Fried/Sauted
If you like fried zucchini that you get in restaurants...mix up a flour and cornmeal mixture and beat a couple eggs and slice squash up and dip into egg then flour mixture and fry in a skillet with some oil or put into a very hot deep fryer. Serve this with some homemade ranch dressing...

Also, saute some in a skillet with some olive oil and butter, salt and pepper and garlic or whatever seasonings you prefer...Sprinkle a little cornmeal in the skillet to and fry 'em up.

Are you a salad lover? Take fresh garden lettuce you get from your own garden or the farmer's markets, scallions, almonds, thinkly sliced squash or zucchini, along with a couple of squash/zucchini flowers and some fresh Parmesan cheese, mix well and top the salad with a Balsamic vinaigrette dressing and a few croutons. YUMMY!!!


Kasie said...

You got some squash for me...thought you were gonna hook me up with some veggies this year..

Good Ole Cook said...

I'll bring you in some tomorrow...