May 2, 2006

Hush Puppies from the Kitchen

Nothing is better than a cool crisp afternoon spent frying up some crappie, hush puppies, onion rings and homestyle fries.

My husband is a fisherman, don't know if I've ever said that before or not. Fishing is his life, besides his family of coarse. He and I fish together and he does tournament bass fishing. I work one of the tournament trails he fishes in.

Anyways, the point to me telling you about my husband's addiction to fishing is that he goes crappie fishing a lot and always come home with a big bag of fish for me to fry up. We recently had a big fish fry at a friends house. I brought out my grandmother's hush puppie recipe, which is out of this world! I might be a little biased, but everyone at the party also complimented how good they were to.

We fry everything in a small fry daddy we have. One thing that is an absolute must is the hush puppies must be cooked in either fish oil (after you fry up the fish) or in bacon grease.

Grandma's Hush Puppies
by Lane

½ c. ap flour
1 ½ c. corn meal (1/3 yellow, 2/3 white)
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar
1 egg
¾ c. milk
3 scallions with green tops

Mix ingredients together in order and fry in bacon or fish grease.

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