May 16, 2006

Get your grill a going

Summer is almost here and my neighbors have started bringing out their grills and their "special grilling sauces." Nothing is better then sitting out on my porch with my husband and a few friends, waiting for whatever my husband is grilling to be ready to eat!

I have different sauces and rubs I use to make that perfect grilled meat. This one though, always gets a cheer from my guests! And remember the key to cooking things on the grill is to "slow cook" them.

HINT: I make up a large container of this rub and use it all summer long on pork loins, lamb chops, whatever you desire.

Lane's Rubbin' BBQ Rub
5 tb Brown sugar
1 tb Hickory Salt
1 tb Oregano
2 tb Cumin
3 tb Garlic Powder
2 tb Chili Powder
2 tb Paprika
2 tb Onion Powder
2 tb Mustard, Dry
1/4 ts Cayenne
1 tb Pepper
1 tb Ground Sage

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly. Rub generously on to chicken, pork, brisket, or whatever. Let the meat 'marinate' for an hour, then toss on the grill for a slow cooking. I always coat the meat with regular or a sweet hot mustard, then apply the rub. Keeps it on the product your cooking. The key is "slow" cooked!

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