March 10, 2010's What's Cooking at My Home

Being beef producers our family sits down to many meals that are centered around beef. It's always nice to have new recipes that incorporate hamburger. If your like me you go to your old standby hamburger recipes a lot, and always appreciate a new way to use hamburger for a fresh recipe.

I recently interviewed a farm family in my hometown for a article I'm working on for one of the publications I write for.

Rocking Z Ranch- the Sauls Family -Dale, Connie, Rolly and Megan are beef producers that sell at some local farmers' markets in southern Missouri. The farm raises all-natural Angus beef that is free from hormones, steroids, antibiotics and growth enhancers.

Their website is full of great tips for cooking beef and recipes that the family create.

Check it out...I'm sure you will find a new recipe to share at your dinner table tonight! And be sure and take a look at the Missouri Beef Industry Council's website for beef recipes as well.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I've bookmarked their site. They ship their product on ice so it will be a good resource for meat. :>)