October 2, 2009

You Make Lemonade

Sometimes life throws us lemons…and we make a choice. A.) We either dodge to miss the lemons being thrown at us or B.) We make lemonade. I choose B.

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and everything in between, but it’s how we get through the tough times that truly matter. That’s what shows our character and our passion.

You all know me from the author of Home Cooking is What I Like, but I’ve also started a new blog that really represents Missouri Local Foods (Unmonitored, Unfiltered and Uncensored). Check out my other blog: "A Taste of Missouri...One Farm at a Time."

It is here that I hope to shed some light on the real issues facing Missouri local foods, its producers and food security. But, I also hope to introduce you to some of the most unique, tasty and sustainable farming operations around our state.

I’ve been so blessed to have met farmers, ag professionals, academia and others dedicated to excelling Missouri’s local food industry. Plus, being a former marketing specialist in the area of direct marketing, agritourism, farmers’ markets and organics I’ve learned marketing techniques that help to set our local foods system apart from other states.

Join me as we “Taste Missouri, One Farm at a Time.” Also, be sure and look me up on Facebook and Twitter as TasteofMissouri.

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MKheart said...


I just want to say "KUDOS" to you. You are an amazing woman and a good leader. You know it is funny because I too have also thought about breaking out and doing an AG Intiative's program/consulting business especially on the Dairy side.

I will see you tomorrow at your baby shower!!