April 21, 2009

Gardening...A Way of Life

Lately around our house it's been lazy nights, easy dinners and lots and lots of help from my husband. Being pregnant really takes it out of you- I never imagined how tired, excited, scattered brained and nervous one body could be!

Today was a filling day and I found that I pushed myself a little too much when it was 4pm at the office and my back ached like I was an 80 year old (no offense to those that are reading this and are 80). What caused this?

At my work we are putting in a community garden for our employees and somehow I got put on the organization committee- along with some other wonderful folks I work with- and we are responsible for about everything.

What does everything include? Try- building more than 20 raised beds for the vegetables, getting soil and mulch hauled in, picking up over 40 tomato plants, 20 pepper plants, getting sponsors for seeds, gardening equipment, new landscape design plans for the front of our building, herb garden.....the list goes on and on. I'm so thankful to be helped by two other very motivated co-workers that are real go-getters.

Today, a fellow co-worker finished some of the raised beds and moved them around in different locations on the grounds and then filled the beds with soil. I went to pick up plants from the Central Missouri Master Gardeners (who were kind enough to donate to our cause) and pick up all the equipment needs. I then had to set-up our watering system, water the plants, organize seeds, tools and gloves for the employees and finally we were ready to plant! Then about 2pm many of our employees started coming out to help plant the tomatoes and pepper plants after listening to a gardening 101 short course. (This is an educational course for some, but others are green thumbs).

All and all it was a great day and fun was had by all! Our gardens will serve as an educational piece to the public, but promote a healthy lifestyle to our employees. I mean who wouldn't want to go outside for a couple hours a week (during work time) to play in the dirt and get some good exercise? I know I will be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer getting my hand dirty.

We will also be putting in a small orchard, raspberry and blackberry plants, Norton and Concord Grapes, 5 pumpkin patches, a very large plot of sweet corn, some cut flowers- and who knows what else! The best thing- all produce goes back to our employees!


Charlotte Jackson said...

Wow Lane! This sounds great. What a great addition to the Department!

Anonymous said...

Dear: Lane, what type of wood that you-all use for the raised garden beds??.