December 14, 2008

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Can the weekend really be over? I mean, just yesterday I was looking forward to a very long weekend and now it’s Sunday night.

One things for sure: this weekend was filled with “to do” lists. I was off Friday and spent the morning finishing up Christmas shopping (both at the mall and online, * note to self next year try to do as much online shopping as possible, it is so much easier and no crowds and cranky people to deal with). The afternoon was spent wrapping the final gifts and cleaning the downstairs of the house. I hadn’t realized how neglected our downstairs had gotten.

Saturday was spent getting Corn Beef and Cabbage in the crock pot and cleaning the rest of the house. Boy was I glad when my husband got home from a day at Lake of the Ozarks (he competed in another bass fishing tournament). The house looked amazing all decorated for Christmas and shiny and clean. (He commented on how pretty the house looked and thanked me for everything I do. Ladies we all know how sweet it is when our husbands notice things like that- I’m so lucky to have my keeper!) Later on that night we headed to the movies (two movies we want to see Australia and Twilight). We decided on Twilight that night, since my folks were coming up this weekend and we could take them to see Australia. For the record: I would give Twilight only a 6 out of 10. it was a typical teenage love story, but with vampires.

Now it’s Sunday! Today was spent baking all day practically. I did however get a couple scarves crocheted this weekend, which are Christmas gifts for a couple close friends.

I started baking around 10 am and just now finished and it’s 6pm. My feet hurt, my back aches, I’m covered in flour and smell like fudge, but it’s all worth it.

Check back tomorrow for photos of the holiday goodies!

(PHOTO: Christmas time is a special time at our house. I love having a tree in every room of the house. This is the "Red Tree" in the Dinning Room.)


Hotheadbells said...

Hey it's Doti I guess we have a lot in common my b/f fishes a lot of bass tournaments to and imagine my surprise while flipping through one of his new magazines none other than Lane! I actually made the sweet potatoe bake this weekend for a get together and everyone loved it so Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Lane said...

How funny! I'm guessing you read Don Berry's Magazine then, I do a cooking article each month for them.

Who's your friend, Charlie might now him.

Hotheadbells said...

It's my boyfriend actually his name is Wade Lambeth and he is my fellow live-in-sinner. HE doesn't do any tournaments up Lake of the Ozarks way though since we live only and hour away from Stockton, Grand, and Tablerock. Although we did go to Lake of the Ozarks this summer and he said he would never go back! Our new boat broke down right on the water and it was just a terrible weekend.