December 16, 2008

The Blog Game Begins

It’s a cold and snowy one in Jeff City Mo this morning, but so very beautiful outside. Most might not like snowy weather conditions, but I’m not one of them. I know how to drive, unlike most of the others that were passing me on the road this morning, driving way too fast. I love when the snow sticks to the trees, as it makes for a beautiful setting.

My friend and fellow blogger Kenzie tagged me in a little Blog Game. So, I don’t’ want to break the cycle so here we go:

Here are 7 random things about me (that you probably don't care about):
1.) I have two other blogs I author besides Home Cooking. A Look at Missouri Farmers’ Markets and Missouri Organics InterActive.
2.) My all-time favorite candy is Horehound, which is an old remedy that is soothing to the respiratory system and is a natural expectorant. The candy can always be found in my candy jar at work.
3.) I have an addiction to crocheting scarves. It’s all I do at night when I’m at home. Ask any of my friends, I bet they either have a scarf or a afghan I’ve made for them.
4.) The place I would like most to live overseas is Australia. I lived there for 5 months while in high school for a National FFA Exchange Program and I miss the people, the food, the landscape and most of all the beer.
5.) When I was a little girl I was the biggest tomboy! In fact, my mother stuck me in ballet and tap dance class because she thought it would help me be more lady like. I think it worked!
6.) I love to sing, but I’m not very good at it. (Ask my husband, as he is the only one that gets to see me in rare form) I sing all the time, especially during the holidays. The only music I listen to is holiday music. Even when it’s not the holidays and I’ve had a bad day I put in a holiday cd and jam out.
7.) I have a dream for my husband and I to start a peach and apple orchard in southwest Missouri someday. I want to also incorporate raspberries and blackberries and have a you-pick operation on the farm. Plus, I want the farm to be open to school children so I can teach our younger generation about the farming industry, so they know where their food comes from.

Now I’m tagging:
1.) Sarah: AgriMissouri Showcase
2.) Sarah: Front Porch Rocker
3.) Michelle: Down on the Dairy
4.) Steve: SMays
5.) Amy: Delicious by Nature
6.) Danene: Missouri Wine Girl
7.) JyLnC: A Cup of Joe With a View

Have fun with the game and don’t break the chain. Season’s Greetings Ya’ll!


Lesley said...

How about your secret desire to move to Oklahoma to be near your best friend????

love ya

Lane said...

Well Duh! You know that is also on my list...miss ya!

McKenzie said...

Oh, Lane . . . the orchard idea is wonderful! If anyone can do it, you definitely can!