October 14, 2008

New Fishing Blog

Well I guess the blogging jeans have been passed on in the McConnell household – that’s right my husband is now an official blogger!

He started his own fishing blog a couple weeks ago and has become addictive to the blog-o-sphere since he first began. We even had a Blogging 101 class last night at home. Which was loads of fun for me! So, please be sure and check out his own blog: Real Fishing “Midwest Style.”

Also in the news at our house is my husband’s weekend Top 10 win in the FLW Stren Fishing Tournament at Lake Ozark. He fished for three days last week and made it to the championship day to place in the Top 10 of the highly prestigious tournament circuit. We are all very proud of his accomplishment.

To celebrate my husband’s new blog and last tournament win, I’ve got a fishy recipe today!

Grandma's Hush Puppies

by Lane
½ c. ap flour
1 ½ c. corn meal (1/3 yellow, 2/3 white)
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. sugar
1 egg
¾ c. milk
1/3 cup corn
3 scallions with green tops
Mix ingredients together in order and fry in bacon or fish grease.

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