March 18, 2008

Stromboli Anyone?

stromboil sandwichesToday is my co-worker Shelley's birthday and we started the day with breakfast food (almond coffee cake, breakfast casserole, milk, oj, a Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake....yes that's right cake for good). Now, we are moving on to lunch and afternoon snacks (stromboil, spinach dip, hot wings, chips, key lime pie, cake, cheesecake dip, fruit and cream and much more!)

My friend Veronica made the Stromboli and I love these yummy sandwiches. Here is the recipe she uses. And if you are interested in the background of the word Stromboli here is what Wikipedia says.

This rolled baked sandwich is perfect for feeding a crowd of hungry sports fans, or a hungry family for a casual supper. You can really use any combination of meats, cheeses and even veggies you choose, so take our suggestions with a grain of salt. One hint however, the more veggies you use, the more liquid they'll release, so too many veggies can make a somewhat soggy stromboli. Use as many different fillings as you like, but it's important to not layer them too thickly, as this will make it difficult to roll the stromboli.


Anonymous said...

V, you know what i like, that stromboli package is the bomb!!!

Kenzie said...

Ahh . . . I recently made (and posted on my blog) about a stuffed bread loaf . . . I didn't consider it a stromboli, but now that I read your blog, I think it might qualify! Guess I should read your blog more often!