January 5, 2007

The Podchef Site - Check it Out

In today’s age of food and genetics many are puzzled about what is safe and what’s not to put on their food. GMO’s, herbicides, fertilizers, EColi, BSE….all of these issues are on the minds of many.

From placing fertilizers on the gardens we grow at home to the farmers that use chemicals on their crops to remain competitive in the ag industry…What does all of this mean for the food that we consume?

The Podchef site discusses many of these issues. As the site reads: Welcome to the Podchef's Gastrocast! The podcast about cooking, food, and the politics of what we eat. I’ve listen to a few of the podcasts and I’m very impressed.

Whether you come from a farm or not, I think that everyone can gain a little knowledge from this site. Whether you agree or not it’s worth a read and an open mind.

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Podchef said...

Thanks guys. Your comments mean all the world to me. They make what I do worth doing.

All the best & Keep on Cookin'