July 3, 2006

Calling all Grilling Goddesses

Yummy PieDo you like to grill...does your family call you to Queen of the Grill...Does you husband envy your grilling abilities?

Will if so do I have the perfect contest for you!

I ran across a grilling contest for women today. I just had to pass along this to you all. The rules are fairly easy and I thought there might be a few of you girls that would get a kick out of this contest..

Ultimate Grill Gal Contest Take a look at the website and see what you think. The contest will run all summer long until Sept 30.

Good luck you grilling goddesses.


Lynn said...

How fun is that! Are you going to enter Lane? You should I love hearing your grilling stories with your husband and family!

StaceyAnn said...

This sounds very intersting...You should enter it. They shoudl have more grilling contest for women, why dont' they?