May 25, 2006

Martha Stewart ventures out in the online world

Mays, who works at the same company as I passed along a bit of information that I thought you all may find interesting.

Martha Stewart Living Omimedia (MSLO) is planning on launching its own version of MySpace. Now, I'm sure many have no idea of what MySpace is. It's simple it's a way for friends and family to spare photos, messages, whatever you can imagine via internet.

Here is part of the story of Martha finding a new media to hit on.

"Martha Stewart Living Omimedia (MSLO) is planning to launch its own version of MySpace late next year. The plan, according to CEO Susan Lynne, is to create a social net that would appeal to women aged 25 to 45, and allow members to share photographs, scrapbooks, recipes and similar projects with one another and home design experts. MarthaSpace will only succeed if it builds a bridge to other communities where people are talking about these topics - like Blogher. MSLO needs to help their own in finding each other but they also must reach out to what is probably an equally large number of consumers who are talking about these topics on other properties. In other words, they need a picture-in-picture approach."

The critics are saying it could be a flop, but I think this is perfect for all of us who love to cook and share our recipes with one another.

I am also a huge Martha Stewart admirer also. I think for a woman that had to be made an example for a mistake, when other stars just get a slap on the wrist, she has risen above the rest and came back even more powerful, wealthier and smarter than ever!

So, to this recent news....I say Go MARTHA!


Anonymous said...

This sounds very neat. When will it be release to the public use?

Good Ole Cook said...

I haven't heard anything on when it is set to begin. But when I do, I'll pass the info on to all of you.