April 13, 2006

Happy Easter to All

This recipe comes from a fellow co-worker. She brought them in the other day for me to try and they are out of this world... They have to be the easiest recipe I've ever made and they taste great.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Easter weekend with their families gathered around a table full of grandma's famous recipes and loved ones.

Happy Easter ya'll...

Red Pepper Crackers
3 sleeves of "Nabisco Premium" saltine crackers
1 1/2 cups of Canola Oil (must be canola )
1 package of Zesty Ranch dry mix (found with the salad dressing)
3 Tbsp. of crushed Red Pepper

1. Mix Oil, ranch dry mix, and red peppers thoroughly and set aside
2. Open the three sleeves of crackers and put into a large ziploc bag.
3. Pour oil mixture over crackers and close bag tightly
4. Tumble bag GENTLY for approx. 15 min. until crackers are coated with mixture
5. Remove crackers and place on paper towels to dry for 1 hour
6. EAT * Store crackers in the ziploc bag with a paper towel to absorbs the oil.

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