February 7, 2006

Favorite Cooking Memories I

I am starting a new series to the blog. Each month I plan to share a favorite cooking memory of mine since I was a child. We all have special memories that come to mind when we think back about the first time we ever cooked with our mothers or even our spouses. I hope you enjoy some of mine own personal memories.

My First Breakfast in Bed
The first time I tried to make my parents breakfast in bed, boy was that a disaster, although at the time I didn’t think so. I was around 10 and I thought it would be fun to make my parents pancakes. Not out of the box pancakes, homemade ones just like I had watched my mother make a dozen times.

Needless to say when your 10 years old you think you can do anything, and I was no exception. As a youngster I was very determined and independent, which I’m sure my husband would still say that I am… I remember serving my parents these blackened flat pancakes that I had slathered with butter and drenched with syrup. I also made toast and eggs, which turned out ok. Seriously, they did! I remember watching my dad try the first piece as I was standing there grinning ear to ear, knowing that my flap jacks were going to be a hit.

The first bite dad turned to mom and said “Wow, these have a unique taste.”

“That’s the bacon grease I cooked them in,” I replied.

“Bacon grease,” dad asked.

“Well mom always puts in oil in the pan to cook with, so I thought that bacon grease would give it a different taste, I know how much you love bacon daddy,” I said.

“You’re right honey, these pancakes are very unique and you did such a great job,” dad said smiling.

Wow what I must have put my parents through that day. They ate all of their breakfast that morning. God love ‘em…

I don’t have children yet, but I know someday I’ll have a couple of kids that will probably cook my husband and me breakfast and I will be placed in the same place as I put my parents all those years ago. I hope that I can make them feel as proud and honored as they made me feel the day I served them breakfast in bed.

Check back tomorrow for these wonderful homemade pancakes from my mother.

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