January 19, 2006

Rat Attack

A Rat Terrier that is. My husband and I have decided on a puppy from Pocket Puppies. She is a darling blue fawn and white female that is out of the same male as our Rudy. Take a look at her here. She is puppy #1. Now, we have to wait to find a time to go and get her since the breeders are from KY. I need names for her...I was thinking about Izzy.

While I'm on the topic of purchasing a registered dog I have heard some negative comments lately from a co-worker regarding me buying a puppy instead of going to an animal shelter and adopting one, and I would like to address this.

First, it is my decision to spend my own money on a registered animal if I choose too because it is My Money and My Choice.

Second, I enjoy registered animals for a couple of reasons:
1.) They are registered and purebloods, therefore will hold true to the breed's standards.
2.) The animals temperament and attitude is exactly what the breed says it is, therefore I don't have to worry about getting an animal that is not what I wanted.
3.) They are beautiful in conformation and coloring and smart as a whip.

Third, don't try to make me feel bad for buying a puppy and telling me there are hundreds of dogs I could adopt at a shelter and tell me that I am making the pet problem in this country worse. I am not. I neuter and spay my pets and I'm not the person dumping puppies because I wasn't a responsible pet owner.

Fourth, it's nobody's business what choices I make on my pet. A pet is part of the family and if I want an expensive registered animal then that is what I will get. People need to mind their own business and keep their mouths shut sometime.

I apologize for getting on a soap box, and if the person I am referring to ever reads this I hope they learn one thing: There is a time to talk and a time to bite your lip. My mother taught me that I long time ago, what's your excuse?


JamieR said...

You tell them girl. People are so noey sometimes....I bet whoever this was won't mess with you again if they ever read that.


Anonymous said...

The world is full of butt-holes be thankful you only have one! LOL

Good Ole Cook said...

I appreciate the encouraging words.


Ginger said...

No one has the right to make you feel bad about not doing something exactly like he or she would in the same situation. You go, girl! And I love your puppy.