January 5, 2006

Here Chick, Chick, Chick

How many of you have ever cut-up a whole chicken before? Whether its the traditional eight piece or the 12 piece fryer before? Not many I'm guessing.

Today with the convenience of precut chicken in supermarkets people just buy the already pieced chicken. What many individuals don't realize about doing this is that the precut pieces are usually not uniform size, contain shattered bone particles and are typically more expensive.

My mother taught me how to cut up a chicken (or any poultry) a long time ago. Being a farm kid we never buy precut meat, mainly because of the price and the quality of the meat.

If you have never cut up a whole bird I have found a great website that explains the proper steps in cutting up a chicken and it includes great photos of each step. Cooking for Engineers has a segment on the "Kitchen Notes" regarding the steps to cut up a bird, take a look at this page and see how easy it really is to cut up a chicken and give it a try. I promise it's not as difficult as you thought it was...Happy cutting.

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